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Baugrundstück in Kabul
Baugrundstück Kabul Dehsabz Afghanistan

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Dehsabz “Kabul New City” Grundstücke / Baugrundstücke zur Stadt-Bebauung
in Kabul der neuen Hauptstadt von Afghanistan

Baugrundstücke in Kabul New City Afghanistan
Baugrundstück in Kabul Desabz
  • Lage vom Baugrundstück: direkt in Kabul im District “Dehsabz” dem neuen Stadt-Projekt
    “Kabul New City” von Afghanistan
  • Baugrundstück der Phase II: 270 Dschirib ( 280.800 m² ), unerschlossen
  • geeignet zur Wohnbebauung ... mögliche Bebauung 5 Häuser auf 1 Dscherib ( 1.040 m² )
    in Absprache mit der Dehsabz Barikab City Devolopment Authority
  • Kaufpreis vom Baugrundstück und weitere Informationen auf Anfrage !
New City Kabul
Dehsabz-Barikab City Devolopment Authority
Bebauung Kabul New City in Afghanistan
Dehsabz Kabul New City
Zeitplan Kabul New City
Kabul New City Phase I im District Dehsabz

Parcel II ( Phase II )

Based on the ministerial council endorsement, Parcel-II of Phase-I area of KNC shall be constructed on the land with private ownership. In response to the invitation for the EoI for the development of Parcel-II, DCDA received letter of interests from seven landowners. During the preparation of negotiation and contract documents for the development of Parcels-II, new letters of interest were received and upon approval of Independent Board of KNC, the negotiation process was started with the developers – landowners. Till now there are nine landowners – developers who expressed their interest for the development of the land as per the KNC Master Plan and DCDA’s rules and regulations.

1.      Development Strategy of Parcels-II
1.1.   Methodology

DCDA is planning to develop all Parcels-II through favorable mechanisms of Public-Private Partnership. Land Adjustment is adopted as an internationally favorable constructive method for the development of Parcels-II.

Land Adjustment (LA) methodology is adopted for development of land through Land Owners/ Developers, who owns more than 300 Jiribs of land, possess technical and financial ability to develop the land as per the KNC Master Plan and DCDA’s rules and regulations. Using this Method the Authority intends to oversight development through Private Sector Institutions.  Through this the land is divided in to 3 parts based on accurate technical calculations. Part of the land is allocated for development of main infrastructure and public facilities by the Government of Afghanistan – (Infrastructure Land), Part of the land is allocated for financing the development of main Infrastructure and Public Facilities - (Financial Land) and the remaining part of the land is allocated for development of Parcels by the Developer - (Developable Land).

In case the Developer pay the whole cost of the Financial Land, there will be no financial land calculated for such Parcel.

In case the Developer develops part of the main infrastructure within a parcel, a decrease will be calculated in the percentage of financial land to the Authority.

In case the developer proposes shares in the developed land (Housing and commercial Units) instead of Financial land, a decrease will be calculated in the percentage of financial land to the Authority.

1.2.    Pre – Conditions for Contract Negotiation

DCDA as a managing body for the Implementation of KNC Master Plan and as a one stop shop has always been flexible while introducing favorable and enabling environment for private investments in KNC. Landowners intending to develop their land have to fulfill certain pre-conditions for negotiation and contracting process. The pre-conditions are:

Providing certified land ownership documents along with the clearance certifications approved by the Land Clearance Committee of KNC.

Providing sufficient evidences on the technical ability of the Developer. This could be a concept developmental plan for the Parcel, presented and acceptable to technical divisions of DCDA.

Providing sufficient evidences on the financial ability of the Developer. This could be a draft business plan for the Parcel, showing the total expenditures of the developer revenues, financial sources, needed financing and expected financial sources for the development of Parcel.

Providing written confirmation to avoid any speculative activities on the Land in terms of selling/leasing or transferring un-developed land to any third party or end users.

Providing written confirmation on complying with the rules, regulations, procedures and applicable laws

1.3.    Negotiations and award of Contract

Upon fulfillment of above-mentioned pre-conditions, the Contract Documents for the Parcel are issued and the contract negotiations are started with the Developer. After the negotiations and consensus of both Parties (DCDA and Developer) on the terms and conditions of the Contract and other requirements of the contract signing, the Contract is awarded to the Developer.

1.4.    Notice To Proceed (NTP)

The Contract for development of Parcels-II requires certain technical and financial data to be submitted and approved by DCDA before start of on-site construction activities.

Phase I

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Baugrundstück mit 280.800 m²

Phase II

Dehsabz “Kabul New City”

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“Kabul New City”  Bau-Phase II

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